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Tekso API Manual

This API Manual describes how to gain access to the Tekso database API and the data that can be read from it. The API is created with Microsoft SQL Server views which the user can use to read data from Tekso. The API is available only to customers using Tekso Cloud.

At the moment the used SQL server version is 2019, but will be updated to 2022 during the year 2024.

Used collation is Finnish_Swedish_CI_AS.

How to Get Credentials

Please contact our customer service via for login credentials. We need to get confirmation from the customer and owner of the data that you have their permission to access their data. After this we will configure the API and provide you with the required connection information and credentials to access the API.

What Does the API support

At this moment the API only supports reading data from Tekso. The data read will match Tekso data in real time. The views and data are described in the following pages:


Only data read is possible at the moment. No updates or inserts.

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